About Me (Shelby Lynne Kirk)

         I was born on November 6, 1996 in Meadville Pennsylvannia. I Grew up in a small town by Enbarrow and Erie called Cambridge Springs with my parents, my older sister Jordan, my younger brother Bryce, and my younger sister Elizabeth or Libby.

In 2005 (3rd grade), my Father got a letter from a friend in Georgia offering him a job, and much to my dismay at the time, My family and I moved here later in December of 2005.

Because of the way I am, I did not make any true friends that could call as my best friend until 6th grade, where I met my Current best friend, Sarah F., whom I instantly befriended and was accepted into her circle of friends.

My hobbies: Reading, writing, swimming, some soccer, Video games (mostly online PC games), music (I like all genres, as long as it has romance), and more.

If you wish to contact me, My email is;

Shelby's Email

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To Read my story, "My Vampiric Love Story" (aka, "M.V.L.S."), (Copyright 2013), go here:

 My Story

 My Story (2)

I hope everybody likes my stories, and if you like them, please comment on them.

Yours truly,

Shelby Lynne Kirk 


Wizard101 Chatbox

Here is chatbox (from chatandgames.net)

  Wizard101 chatbox from Chat&games.net


 Free Codes For Wizard101 from Chatandgames.net (usable for only one time, once used, cannot be used anymore):













Online Games that Shelby Plays

Wizard101 (www.wizard101.com): My user: Michelle Seacaller (To create an account and add me, goto this website: www.wizard101.com/home/game/friend/RL44D-7LLF6-3L94M-3L8Q8  or type this in when you create: L44D-7LLF6-3L94M-3L8Q) (or goto Chatandgames.net and look for the chat box-the same one i have on my websibe thats for wiz101-on the right hand sidebar, and my user is shelby20125. so, if i'm online, ask me something :D )

ALSO, For WIZARD101, If you want codes for free gold and items, here is a site where you can get them. All you do is watch 3 ads, and after the 3rd, a thing pops up giving 4 codes, although the # of codes given each time MAY change.

Site: http://chatandgames.net/wizard101-online-code-generator/

Aqworlds (www.aqworlds.com): My user: Shelby20125  (Type this to goto me on Alina server: /goto shelby20125     or type this to pm or whisper me: /tell shelby20125   )

Runescape (www.runescape.com): My user: C01d as ICE

IMVU: My user is: ShelbyANDflav

Other than that, i can't think of any other games i play. XD.



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